A Tale of Two Bridges

Do you miss the rock hopping and ice traversing over Girl Brook?

With the run off from heavy storms, Girl Brook eroded a deeper and deeper bed in the sandy esker soil, according to Ron Bailey, Trustee and FOGB (Friend of Girl Brook.)  Trail users were never sure if crossing would be possible.

The late Carolyn Tenney (former Pine Park President) officially opens the bridge.

In 2014, the Carolyn Tenney Girl Brook Bridge fixed one problem.  The Pine Park Association and the Town of Hanover collaborated to design, fund and build a cool pedestrian crossing.  The construction includes strong rock abutments, metal I-beams and wooden decking and railing.  Several smiling joggers apologized as they ran through the ribbon cutting dedication.  If you build it they will come.

Trustees and other friends of Pine Park celebrate the new bridge.

The 2017 low bridge beneath the high bridge accomplished two goals.  Runners, walkers and skiers can confidently make circuits through Pine Park without being turned back by high water.  Second, the bridge is designed to allow maintenance equipment to cross.  This helps the Hanover Golf Course and Pine Park.  Dartmouth College kindly funded this work.

2017 low bridge below the 1920 trestle bridge